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Are you the “Wolf of Your Street”? On a daily basis, we get asked by candidates what they can do to make themselves more successful in order to secure their dream job in estate agency.
This is something that many of us have wondered within the estate agency industry, what makes a successful estate agent, is it all to do with mind-set, is it personality or do you just need to model yourself on Jordan Belfort?

Here at Cherry Pick People, we think the most successful estate agents have the following traits:


1. They have a positive mind-set

Spend time with positive like-minded people, do not waste time with people who focus on negative things. Successful people focus on the positives when going through rough patches, making their rough patches easier to handle.

2. They are passionate and enthusiastic

Estate agency can be tough at times, be committed to providing outstanding customer service, keep your landlords, vendors and buyers and tenants updated at all stages. Return their calls and emails in a timely manner, don’t wait for them to chase you. Every call you make to them should be like it’s the first call you have made all day.
If you want them to buy/rent a property from you, show them that you are passionate about the property. Sales is a transfer of enthusiasm!

3. They know their area

Become a local expert and engross yourself in the patch that you work in. Landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers want to pick the right person to do the job and having that knowledge of the market and a proven track record creates confidence. When a question is asked about a street, you need to know what has sold recently, what the highest rent achieved is, where they can go for a hipster coffee, where does the best unlimited prosecco brunch, where they can go for the best breakfast martini or Camden pale ale.

4. They put in the hours 

The most successful estate agents are the first ones in the office and the last ones out, they are in early picking up all of the leads and the last one out of a night doing viewings and valuations. If people don’t answer, call them again, use the technology you have at your fingertips, call, text and email them, set reminders.  Simple, yet effective.

5. They understand their client’s motives for buying, selling, letting or renting

The best estate agents will know the situation as to their client’s motives and work closely with them to get the best results. By taking the time to really get to know your client’s needs, you build a stronger connection ensuring you offer only the best solutions.

6. They have a great network

Make sure that you know who the best contractors, surveyors, mortgage brokers and solicitors are. By offering contacts that have the same level of service you do can really help you develop a strong network and just as you will recommend your contacts, they will recommend you meaning that many people will come to you based on reputation alone.

7. They practice their pitch

Deliver your pitch confidently tailoring it to suit the client that you are speaking to. Confidence is such an important part of working in agency. I know people who still practise their pitch in front of the mirror, even after 15 plus years in agency. They are always striving to be better and are some of the most successful estate agents I know.

8. They don’t let other people’s negativity bring them down

If you are doing well at work, there are always others who may not be. Don’t catch their negativity, if you are working hard and achieving your targets, keep on going and you will continue to succeed.

9. They appreciate the value of hard work

They want to make money as ultimately a sales job is about making money. They like to buy nice things, go on the best holidays, eat at the most amazing restaurants and really enjoy their lifestyle.

10. They use the best recruiters

Cherry Pick People work with some of the best people in the estate agency sector, we guide candidates through all aspects of their careers, as we have the knowledge and understanding of how the market works. The majority of the team come from a property specific background and are experts in their fields, meaning that we really know what it takes to be successful in estate agency. We meet all of our clients and candidates face to face, which is invaluable as we can really ascertain a candidate’s suitability for the role and also that the candidate will fit into the working environment and match the company’s values and culture. We cover all aspects of property, from front line estate agency, to administration, property management, construction and back office support.

Why not give us a call on 0207 801 6318 and see how we can further your career.

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A Love letter to a Property Manager….. (from a recruiter?!?)

My Dearest Property Manager,

Some say truly that love grows deeper and fonder with each passing hour. Each passing day.

With each passing week, my heart yearns for you.

It’s been eight business days, and still no word.

I’ll reach you on a lunch break – your CV looks worth it.

I know you received my last two phone calls;

I dialled all the digits perfect.

I digress, as my desire for property takes over. My Darling, since my eyes first laid sight on your experiences within this vibrant sector, I knew right there… right then. The perfect role for you.

Three years here and eighteen joy filled months there; all I crave for is for your patience. Your time. All I ever longed for was to assist you. Your job search. Your career and what makes you smile; what pays your bills, buys your new shoes or a new watch, but most of all…what fills you with a full working week of customer service fantastic’ness.

You helped me see the light; that there was a brighter side to Property Recruitment. That through the dropouts, the cancelled interviews and rearranged appointments… there is hope.

There are candidates that make our hearts beat once more. That make us feel alive. Like the only Property Recruiter in the world.

All that I ask, my love. Is that you let me know, some-time and some-how that you are still looking, still searching. Or perhaps your heart has moved elsewhere and our worlds have drifted apart. One favour is all I ask, Dearest Property Manager. Just let me know. Let me know your direction so my soul can rest. The perusal shall end until next time. Until Next time you search for property jobs.

Yours faithfully & forever,

(or at least until 8pm)

Your Property Recruitment Specialist

with love

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5 Essential Tips to build a high performing business.  Running a recruitment consultancy means I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from some phenomenal businesses over the years, from small boutique SMEs to large corporates – I’ve seen it done well and also very badly!

I’ve always been fascinated with the development of high performing teams – I help build them for my clients but also, of course, have needed to create them for my own business.

I have spent lots of time studying this subject and below I have included the 5 key traits I feel your business must possess in order to outstrip the competition.


  1. Clear Vision

Your company must have a clear, ambitious goal. It needs a strong vision that excites and challenges the people within the organisation. A clear vision drives and aligns strategy, objectives and goals throughout the business.
Remember your vision is outwardly facing – it’s where the company will be in 5 years’ time – it should be ambitious and inspiring.

Top Tip: Test your vision – regularly (twice a year at least) test team members on the company vision and values, this is a great way to ensure full adoption!


  1. Leadership

Your leader MUST be honest and sincere and live with integrity – lead by example. The leader is essential in creating and driving the business towards the vision. A strong leader will exercise control, monitor team performance and establish internal processes that all team members must abide by (including themselves!).
A good leader will engage their team and develop people as “passion champions” and remove anyone who is not on the same wavelength.

Top Tip – Annually or Bi-annually run an engagement survey internally, to see how you and your leaders are performing.


  1. Learning Culture

All high performing businesses foster a learning culture; a culture focused on coaching rather than advising (i.e. developing individuals and empowering them to make a decision, rather than dictating decisions). They also invest in their team, offering extensive internal and external training.

Top Tip – Invest in your team – training mustn’t stop after the first few weeks / months. You will help develop future leaders and increase engagement and retention.


  1. Simple Organisation and Teamwork

Your business should always be striving towards simplicity, cutting out any unnecessary bureaucracy. You must foster company-wide sharing of information, knowledge and best practice.

TOP TIP – Audit your processes quarterly – ask your team anonymously what processes they feel could be improved and how?


  1. Hiring Strategy

Top performing businesses attract and retain the best people. The skill shortage across all sectors is immense at the moment and it puts a huge pressure on our businesses.
You need to have a clear, coherent plan for growth and recognise the time it takes to find and secure the best people. Securing the best talent is the most important objective for any business, do not cut corners.
And when you have them – you need to keep them! Ensuring you follow the 4 points above will dramatically increase retention.

TOP TIP: Have a clear proposition to put to potential employees, utilise your network and that of any trusted employee or partner. Develop your brand utilising social media

I’m really interested to hear what other business leaders have found to be key in their success – do any of these points ring true? Do you do something else that you feel has been essential to your success???

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‘I hate my job’
‘I live for the weekend’
‘I am sick of doing the same thing every day’
‘I count down the hours until I leave’
‘I dread going to work’
‘I should be getting paid more’
‘I am not getting the progression I want’

If you find yourself regularly thinking this, IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON.

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Which of these Managers would best suit your Company? If you’re a football fan, a commuter who picks up the Evening Standard from time to time, or even if you’re neither of those – I’m sure most people have been made aware of the recent drop in performance at Manchester United which has caused up roar amongst the fans across Manchester, London and pretty much everywhere throughout the world.

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