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A Love letter to a Property Manager….. (from a recruiter?!?)

My Dearest Property Manager,

Some say truly that love grows deeper and fonder with each passing hour. Each passing day.

With each passing week, my heart yearns for you.

It’s been eight business days, and still no word.

I’ll reach you on a lunch break – your CV looks worth it.

I know you received my last two phone calls;

I dialled all the digits perfect.

I digress, as my desire for property takes over. My Darling, since my eyes first laid sight on your experiences within this vibrant sector, I knew right there… right then. The perfect role for you.

Three years here and eighteen joy filled months there; all I crave for is for your patience. Your time. All I ever longed for was to assist you. Your job search. Your career and what makes you smile; what pays your bills, buys your new shoes or a new watch, but most of all…what fills you with a full working week of customer service fantastic’ness.

You helped me see the light; that there was a brighter side to Property Recruitment. That through the dropouts, the cancelled interviews and rearranged appointments… there is hope.

There are candidates that make our hearts beat once more. That make us feel alive. Like the only Property Recruiter in the world.

All that I ask, my love. Is that you let me know, some-time and some-how that you are still looking, still searching. Or perhaps your heart has moved elsewhere and our worlds have drifted apart. One favour is all I ask, Dearest Property Manager. Just let me know. Let me know your direction so my soul can rest. The perusal shall end until next time. Until Next time you search for property jobs.

Yours faithfully & forever,

(or at least until 8pm)

Your Property Recruitment Specialist

with love

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