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Six Characters of a Property Manager. Who is a Property Manager? Are they sat in the corner of an office looking at a computer screen repeating the phrase “Computer says NO”? Someone who works their magic, makes sure that the wheels are turning and we never really know what wizardry they are up to?

Having worked in property management myself for a number of years it’s not usually the case of “Computer says no”… There’s a lot more to being a property manager than fixing problems, providing a service and ensuring the wheels are turning. Here is my view on what makes up a property manager:

  1. The “Social Worker” – This is the most important role a property manager must play as every client will need to be dealt with differently. Students need a figure that does not demand authority, high profile clients need high levels of professionalism but overall you need to mediate between landlords and tenants who all have a different emotional attachment.
  2. The “Puppeteer” – There are so many different aspects to property management;  Administration, Customer Service, Account Management, Health & Safety, Legal & Compliance etc. So, it’s about managing your time carefully and being able to pull all the different strings simultaneously to manage the job effectively.
  3. The “Grim Reaper” – In work occasionally we have to make that call that we all dread. In this instance it may be to collect late rent or telling someone that you may not be able to get a problem fixed by the end of the day. But finding the right way to execute this and managing their expectation is where the skill lies.
  4. The “Slight Masochist” – This job does take a certain type of character that has a thick skin and that enjoys and can deal with a lot of problems. But there are times, when a client will surprise you with a box of chocolates etc. as a thank you, which makes it all the more worthwhile.
  5. The “Jack of all trades” – Property Management doesn’t finish at 6PM nor does it stop behind a desk. During this time I picked up many technical skills that will stay with me forever. Re-pressuring boilers, laying wooden flooring, changing fuses and in one instance I even helped a contractor physically stop a leak!
  6. The “Wolf of Wall Street” – In all cases property management is a customer service industry but sometimes it can also be very profitable. Discovering how to streamline processes and increase revenue streams across departments can be highly rewarding.

So there we have it, my thoughts on the different characters of a property manager. How many of these are you?!

If you are looking to get into your first role in property management or you are looking for your next step in your career I’d love to chat….

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