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Our top 5 tips for interviewing. Let us know if you have any tips you would like to share…

  1. Prepare in advance!!!
    Spend time investigating the company you will be interviewing with. Look at their website, look at their Facebook page and Twitter profiles (these can offer much more insight into the company culture). Go onto LinkedIn and look at the background of the person interviewing you. Do you have something in common? Also if the client is active on LinkedIn, they will see you have viewed their profile and they’ll know you’ve been doing your research in advance!
  2. 5 Key Strengths!
    Figure out your 5 strengths most relevant to the role you are applying for. Find 2 examples of each strength from your previous experience and then explain why each strength will help you succeed in the position you are applying for. For an essential guide to developing your strengths see this link: Strengths
  3. No negativity!!
    Never talk negatively about your previous employer or previous experiences. Of course you must be truthful, but talk about what you want to get from your next move rather than what you didn’t get in your current / previous job. Don’t say; “my manager was an overbearing micro manager – I hated it.” Do say; “I’m looking for a position that will offer me greater autonomy and the opportunity to organise and prioritise my days’ activities.”
  4. Energy and Enthusiasm
    Energy and enthusiasm can be the difference between securing a role or not. Employers are looking for someone who really wants to come and work for their company. Don’t slouch in your seat, sit forward, show a keen interest and ask lots of questions…
  5. 10 – 20 Questions
    Prepare 10-20 questions beforehand and have them ready for the interview. Look on their website and pull out questions about the company’s history and ask about future plans. Ask them questions about their background or who the most successful person has been. But really importantly ask for feedback at the end of the interview…

How did I get on? If you have any concerns I would love the opportunity to address them now? Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to put me forward to a 2nd interview?

Job interviews are tricky, and you may run into some unexpected questions you were not prepared for. But if you follow the basic tips for acing the job interview above, you’ll give yourself the best chance to make a good impression. Send us your tips for acing a job interview and we will add them to our list.



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