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This is one of the best interview tips I can give you. A really simple and straight forward piece of advice for maximising your success at your next interview. Let me start with this question…

What are your strengths?

Have you been asked that in an interview before?

Did you answer that question with 5 single words and quickly move onto the next question? If so, you missed a great opportunity to show the interviewer what you’re made of.

Knowing your strengths and how they will benefit you in the role you are applying for is an ESSENTIAL piece of preparation to do before your interview and will help massively in controlling any nervousness as well as showing you in the best possible light.

Your strengths are what your whole interview strategy should be built upon.

Here are 4 steps to developing and utilising your strengths to maximise your chances at interview…

  • Pinpoint your 5 most relevant strengths
    Every one of us has more than 5 strengths that we could offer a company, the key is finding the 5 which are most relevant to the role you are applying for.
  • Back every strength up with an example!
    Your strengths are worth nothing if they’re not backed up with examples.An interview is a sales pitch and your strengths are your unique selling points. However, it is the example that is unique not the strength itself. The strengths are just trigger words for you to talk about your experience in a structured and focused way.For instance, if you are interviewing for a sales role you can guarantee almost everyone will state “competitive” as a strength. This is not unique.However the fact that you have been the most successful sales person in your office for the past 6 months, or that you represented your country for bob-sleighing or you’ve won a battle of the bands at your University, almost certainly will be unique.
  • Make it relevant!
    Once you have backed up the strength, you need to make it relevant to the position you are applying for…“and I know being competitive is key to being successful in sales as I will continuously be striving to be the best within the company which in turn will push me to exceed my targets.”Making the strength relevant to the role, demonstrates your understanding of the role you are applying for.
  • Your strengths are the answer to almost every question…
    Finally remember that you don’t need to be asked “what are your strengths?” to utilise this preparation, your Strengths will be the answer to almost every question…Why should I employ you?
    What could you bring to the company?
    Why would you be a good “x”?
    Tell me about yourself
    Why do you want to do “x”?
    What do you think will make you successful in this role?

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Also please let us know if you have any interview tips you would like to share…

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