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When applying for a job – whether through an agency or direct – the first thing that anyone sees is your CV. It is what they base their first impressions from and could be the difference between them progressing your application or not. It needs to reflect who you are, your amazing experience and be able to stand out from the crowd.

This is drilled into us from a fairly young age, and sounds simple enough, but how do we really make sure our CV stands out from the pile of similar applications on the desk? I’ve put together some top tips which you will hopefully find helpful to make sure you are head and shoulders above the rest!

Try to keep it to the point.

Everyone likes to make sure they have every detail of their career history explained in detail, but this can often be a downfall when it comes to writing a CV. Potential employers don’t always have time to read through a CV in its entirety and will look for specific pieces of information. If these are not clearly visible within a rambling CV, they can often be missed. Keep your CV around 2 pages long, and bullet point the key duties and achievements of each role you’ve had. Any paragraphs should be kept short and sweet.

Make it clear.

Make sure that each section has a clear heading, so that whoever is reading your CV can find the information they need easily. Ensure that you order your employment history from most recent to least, as it is likely that your most recent experience will be the most relevant to the role you are applying for. Make sure job titles and dates are clear. In this way, employers can pinpoint information quickly and easily!

Include examples of what you have achieved – be proud of your achievements!

Whilst professional achievements will have merit on a CV, it is often good to show what you are proud of outside of the workplace. We all have lives outside of our jobs and have accomplished things we are proud of. Don’t be afraid to show them off. It is another way to show your personality and give a clear indication of your character.

Make your CV unique.

As beneficial as it is to tailor your CV to a specific job role, it is not always possible to do this for every position you apply for. Focus key areas such as previous employment duties and achievements on the industry or job type you are aiming to get. A great place to tailor your CV to a specific job is your profile section. This is easily changed each time you send your CV out and is generally the first thing people see when looking at your application.

NEVER send your CV before checking through it

Your CV is an incredibly important document, which is a reflection on you. If there are any errors or mistakes (Spelling and grammar being the most common), it will not show you in the best light possible. Once you have written and edited, take a break, and go back to it with fresh eyes to double and triple check that everything is in order before you send it.

For such a small document, there is a lot to think about when it comes to drafting and filling in your CV. By doing it properly and putting the time in, you are far more likely to secure more interviews, and in turn, secure the job of your dreams!

If you ever have any questions regarding your CV, or how you can improve on it, please get in touch with myself or any other member of the Cherry Pick Team. We are always there to help you find your dream role and will assist in any way we can – we are a pretty friendly bunch!