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Some interview questions often throw my candidates when they’re interviewing for a job in Estate Agency – let’s start with one of the most common interview questions ever-

“Tell me about yourself”

This question is probably the one I am asked for advice about the most – what is the best way to answer it? Remember, it is a way for the interviewer to see how you react to a non-structured question and see what you deem as important!

Firstly, this is not a cue for you to tell your life story (this is probably the biggest mistake candidates make with this question – “well I was born in Richmond in 1990 in a little house by the Thames, I went to St Marys School and really enjoyed my cycling proficiency test…” don’t get me wrong – It’s great to open up and tell the interviewer about your past – but please, save it for when you actually get hired.

Another key mistake is to answer with “well, what would you like to know?” …Goodbye to the job you have just been preparing for the last week – this would just scream a lack of preparation and not being able to work well under pressure. Seems harsh? Well yes, it is, but so is a sales role!

And lastly another common mistake – the 20-minute answer! Going off on tangents is a very common mistake (which trust me, I am very capable of too). Keep it as short as possible 1 to 2 minutes max! You will have more chances to show your strengths and attributes later on in the interview.

Remember, this question is a perfect time for you to take control of the interview and to sell yourself as to why you are the perfect candidate for this role and accomplishments you have achieved to show this. What experiences and skills you have which are relevant to the job you are applying for!

So, what is the best way to answer this question?

Research conducted by Marc Cenedella (founder of Knozen) suggests you focus on what you can do to fulfil the needs of the company you are interviewing for. So when being asked the “tell me about yourself question” think about the qualities the company will WANT in order to do the job successfully. For example, “I’d really describe myself as a person with a versatile skill-set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy a customer.  Perhaps the best way to let you know what I’m about is to share with you some relevant experience I have.“– ALWAYS give examples in the workplace where you have shown this!

If you have NO experience – do not worry! The company will have already seen your CV and want to see you anyway – focus on the attributes you have to make you successful at the job – for example “competitive – having played netball throughout school and college” etc. A lot of the time personality is 50% of the job done! Energy and enthusiasm are also just as vital!

So when you’re going for your next estate agent position and you’re being asked the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” question, grab the opportunity with both hands and really sell yourself as to why you would be the perfect candidate for the job!!

Good Luck!!!

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