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Are you a workaholic or just over worked? Are you a workaholic, if so is this a good or bad thing? I find myself writing this at 8pm on a Thursday night, when most others seem to be out enjoying themselves or at home relaxing and eating after a long day at work…

So why am I and potentially you in work for so long? Do you have nothing better to do and no friends to spend time with?

Well if you are anything like me that’s not the case!  Working in recruitment there is always something to do, it’s a busy challenging role which is very demanding… But would I have it any other way – definitely not!!

I love the demanding nature of the role, I love the challenge of the volume and variety of work and of course working in sales I love the buzz of closing a deal and delivering for a client or candidate the perfect solution!   I don’t need to be in work at this time, I am not having to catch up because I can’t manage my own time or I just can’t fit it all in…. I just genuinely love my job and making a difference.

If like me you are an ambitious person, you have an inner drive to be the best and deliver the best service and solutions for all your clients and you enjoy what you do then why not work longer hours and spend more time in the office?

The honest answer to this is that if you do it all the time, early mornings and late evenings you will burn out and that is no good for anyone.  So what I have discovered over the years is to create some balance by planning to work later on certain days, I work late on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I make sure I leave on time on Fridays and one or two other days in the week.

My dad is a workaholic so I think I picked it up from him, but I have been lucky to find a job and an industry that I really enjoy and great people around me, so I love going into work every day and for that I feel blessed.  Working in property and recruitment roles you could probably work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, especially if you enjoy it. If you find yourself working long hours because you are overworked and undervalued that’s a very different thing!

So my final thought is to find that role and company that give you that balance, give yourself some time for your own life and on that note I am off home!

I have a passion for people and helping them find the right solution.  So if you are looking for a new job in real estate or in recruitment and want to work with a great team, get in touch – I am always keen to hear from passionate, ambitious people!

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